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  • CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

    Introducing our new EU-designed press brake, featuring a welded frame for stability, rust-resistant coating, and precise machining. This machine offers synchronized ram movement, quiet operation, and a 60% reduction in energy consumption. Its stable oil temperature ensures component longevity. Experience efficiency and precision with our latest press brake.

  • Hand-Held Laser Welding Machine

    Capable of continuous precision laser welding, laser spot welding, with high welding strength, high accuracy, and fast speed.
    Computer program control, geometric space movement, suitable for most product shapes and sizes, and can follow any welding path.
    It can achieve automatic or semi-automatic electric welding, with aesthetically pleasing and strong welds, fast speed, no consumables, minimal workpiece deformation, and no need for post-welding grinding.
  • Single Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    The integration of the electric cabinet/laser with the equipment eliminates the need for secondary disassembly and assembly, preventing contamination of optical components and reducing installation time to a mere two hours. Additionally, the modular splicing design allows for straightforward and easy maintenance.

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