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CNC Bending Machine

Our machinery is equipped with a suction cup design that enables the fabrication of sheet metal with a maximum bending size of 2000mm x 2000mm. Its remarkable bending speed of only 0.2 seconds per bend significantly enhances productivity and helps reduce labor expenses.

CNC Laser Cutting

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) laser cutting commonly uses optics, an assist gas, and a guidance system to direct and focus the laser beam into the workpiece. The many benefits of CNC laser cutting include: Speed. Less waste. Broad range of materials.

Hand-Held Laser Welding Machine

Capable of continuous precision laser welding, laser spot welding, with high welding strength, high accuracy, and fast speed.
Computer program control, geometric space movement, suitable for most product shapes and sizes, and can follow any welding path.
It can achieve automatic or semi-automatic electric welding, with aesthetically pleasing and strong welds, fast speed, no consumables, minimal workpiece deformation, and no need for post-welding grinding.
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